So Long For Now....

Back in 2001, I created Elbryanland as way to share things about my life such as art, poetry, photos, and thoughts. The early site was extreme rudimentary but was a good base for learning the basics of HTML and CSS back when web design was cheesy and simple. A couple years later, after my skills increased significantly and I became more interested in CSS structured sites, I created Elbryanland 2.0 with the same aim. But for anyone that has bothered to actually even visit this site over the past few years, you probably noticed that it just sits with an outdated design and no updates. It's true. Elbryanland has been abandoned.

I would have kept the site up indefinitely for no better reason than simply as an archive of some of my poetry and pictures that people still might find of interest. As of today though, a terrible accident occured. In attempting to get a personal database up and running that has been down for quite some time. It wasn't part of the actual website, my blog, or my photo galleries, but all that stuff is located in the same root site folder. I succeeded in fixing the hosting problems with the database service and the private sub-domain I had hosting it but then it happened. In cleaning up some folders that were no longer needed I accidentally deleted the entire root website folder. Since the site has mostly been abandoned, there has not been any backups made in a long time. It seems the nail in the coffin has been hammered in. Elbryanland dissapeared from the face of the planet in a matter of a few seconds. While the site itself isn't so much a loss (I haven't made in update in 3 years), the code to run the database and the folder containing pictures for my blog were lost.

As of this moment. I'm not sure what the future of Elbryanland will be. Ideally I would like to make something completely new and perhaps tie it to my current life and passions. Until then, farewell all ye who care to mourn the loss of Elbryanland.


My blog is still up and running though. Link: Raptly Wistful Maunderings